STUDIO ANNIE | A personal perception of taste
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A personal perception of taste

About This Project



I always tell others I like making beautiful creations. This has raised the question as to how I define ‘beauty’ or on a bigger scale: What can I call ‘my personal taste’.


I’m very fond of letters. This is why, in search of my personal taste, I created this alphabet of words that inspire me, and can describe my work in any way. You’ll find the alphabet hidden in this book, along with the 26 reasons why.


The abstract images are part of a series of exactly 193 unique prints. If you look closer you’ll see an alphabet I designed. The alphabet is created with the elements of the blackletter. I took them apart to create a new, thick letter by rearranging the elements.


Twentysix prints are placed into handmade wooden frames, which you can see above.


This book and these prints describe me – my personal taste.




The series exists of 26 unique posters with handmade wooden frames, and a book.


For enquiries, please contact me.

Artworks, Graphic Design
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