STUDIO ANNIE | Screen – Villa Halo Teteringen
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In progress

Graphic Design, Product Design
About This Project

I was asked by Lab32 Architecten to design this façade screen for a villa that was being designed. I did some research on the history of the village and came up with this design. To read more about the project, you can go to the project page by clicking right here.


The history of Teteringen is reflected within the design of the screen. In 1314 the name ‘de waterlaet van der Tateringhen’ (the waterrelease of Tateringhen) was founded, which during the medieval times were important waters. This name was transferred to the settlement located near the stream. The village of Teteringen was therefore first known as Tateringhen; the word for sound created by rapid waters. The foundation for concept of the screen; flowing shapes that represents these rapids. This results in the house embodying an abstract piece of the history of its location.

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