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About This Project

Mass social media attention for the Syrian refugees forces the people to create a strongly influenced opinion about the matter. The information we receive has already been filtered before we get the chance to do so ourselves. This overshadows all the other cases in the world.


The headline that struck me the most was: ‘This picture must change Europe.’ The front page picture displays the stranded remains of a Syrian child. Suddenly we felt required to take notice, as if this was the first case we ever came in contact with. Don’t get me wrong: it is shocking, but why don’t we pay the same attention to other cases around the world?


I have chosen to make a newspaper that consists of five posters of which the contents are not visible at first sight. This is a link to our own lives. We often take the easy way out and read a title with the first part, after which we quickly create our opinions: in this case the refugees from Syria. These opinions are mostly based on other people’s beliefs.






Newspaper design to reflect on the current refugee crisis.

Artworks, Graphic Design, Product Design
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